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Genre MMORPG Fantasy
Publisher Trion Worlds
Release 2014-09-04
Platform Windows

ArcheAge is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Korean company XL Games and published in the West by Trion Worlds. It takes place in a fantasy world where players can choose from 120 different classes and embark on adventures in a variety of activities, including crafting, farming, trading, and combat. The game features an open-world environment with player-driven economy and territorial conquests, where players can engage in PvP and PvE battles on land and sea, building and managing ships, and battling sea monsters. Players can also participate in various social activities, such as weddings, festivals, and parties. One of the unique features of ArcheAge is its "sandbox" gameplay, where players have significant control over their game experience. They can choose their own path and playstyle, whether they want to become a powerful mage, a skilled swordsman, or a wealthy trader. The game also features a complex crafting system that allows players to create unique items and customize their gear. ArcheAge has received praise for its graphics, music, and immersive world, as well as its engaging gameplay and variety of activities. However, the game has also been criticized for its pay-to-win elements, as some items and features can only be obtained through real money transactions.

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7, 8
Graphics nVidia GeForce 8000 series 512 MB / Radeon HD 4000 Series
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory 2 GB
Storage 40 GB
Platform Windows


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