Bloodline Champions

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Genre MOBA
Publisher Stunlock Studios
Release 2011-01-13
Platform Windows

Bloodlines Champions is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Stunlock Studios and released in 2011. It is set in a fantasy world where players control powerful champions with unique abilities and fight in 3v3 or 5v5 matches. The game features a fast-paced combat system that requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes. In Bloodlines Champions, players select from a variety of different champions, each with their own set of abilities and playstyle. These champions are divided into three different classes: melee, ranged, and support. Melee champions are up-close fighters with high damage output, while ranged champions use ranged attacks to deal damage from a distance. Support champions are focused on helping their team by healing, buffing, and debuffing opponents. The gameplay in Bloodlines Champions revolves around fast-paced team battles in which players must work together to defeat their opponents. Matches are played in small arenas with obstacles and environmental hazards that players can use to their advantage. The goal of each match is to destroy the enemy team's base while defending your own. Players must also collect energy orbs throughout the match to unlock powerful ultimate abilities that can turn the tide of battle. One of the unique features of Bloodlines Champions is the absence of traditional leveling and equipment systems. Instead, players start each match on equal footing and must rely on their skill and strategy to win. This means that matches are more focused on player skill rather than character progression. The game also features a robust ranking system that allows players to compete against others of similar skill levels. Players can earn rewards and climb the ranks by winning matches and completing challenges. This system encourages players to improve their skills and compete at higher levels. Bloodlines Champions is known for its competitive gameplay and has a dedicated fanbase that continues to play the game today. In 2017, Stunlock Studios released a spiritual successor to the game called Battlerite, which built on the mechanics and gameplay of Bloodlines Champions. While the original game is no longer supported, it remains a beloved classic among MOBA fans and is worth checking out for anyone interested in fast-paced, skill-based gameplay.

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows XP Service Pack 3, Vista, or 7
Graphics nVidia or AMD/ATI video card with 128MB RAM and Shader Model 3 support (GeForce 6000 series or ATI HD2000 series)
Processor Intel Pentium IV 3.0 GHz or AMD
Memory 1GB RAM on Windows XP, 2GB of RAM on Windows Vista/7
Storage 1GB
Platform Windows

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