Revelation Online

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Release 2017-03-06
Platform Windows

Over 100 hours of story content, raids, and dungeons are available in the open world game Revelation Online. When a player reaches a particular level, they can engage in aerial combat. Players can use their ability to fly to explore and travel. There are a number of classes available, including the Swordmage, Vanguard, Spiritshaper, Gunslinger, and Assassin. In addition to teaming up to fulfil objectives or form relationships, players can engage in PvP and guild combat. A free-to-play fantasy MMO developed by NetEase and published by

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows XP
Graphics Geforce 9500GT / GT610 or Intel HD4000
Processor Intel Pentium dual-core 2.4 GHZ
Memory 2 GB
Storage 30 GB
Platform Windows

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