How to Build a Gaming PC in 2022

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How do I play the latest pc games?

Well, the answer is simple: You need a new Gaming PC in 2022! Don't worry, it wont be hard or that expensive. The only things you need are: 1 screwdriver and 6 pc parts.

In 2022 you can find some really great online deals for cheap pc parts. See the steps below on how to build your brand new gaming pc in 2022!

1. What parts do I need for my Gaming PC?

For the main PC unit:
  •  Processor
  •  RAM (Random-Access Memory)
  •  Solid State Drive - SSD
  •  Mid Tower Computer Case
  •  Gaming Motherboard (With or Without Wifi)
  •  Graphics Card (GPU)
  •  PC Power Supply
Gaming peripherals:
  •  Gaming mouse
  •  Gaming Keyboard
  •  Monitor / 4K Wide Screen
  •  Headphones
  •  Hight Speed Cables (HDMI and USB)

And... A simple screwdriver with a magnetic head.

2. The CPU Processor & the cooler

If you are a hardcore gamer or an aspiring one what you want is a fast desktop pc and the way to do this is a combination of a CPU Processor, RAM and a fast loading Solid State Drive (SSD). The CPU is the key part of your PC which will define your gaming experience and loading speed of your games. A CPU with multiple cores usually 8 is an excellent choice as the number of cores represents the tasks that your Gaming PC can perform at each given moment in full capacity. A CPU's clock speed determines how rapidly the central processing unit can retrieve and interpret instructions, allowing the computer to do more tasks faster. The frequency of a clock is measured in gigahertz (GHz). The clock speed is faster if the value is higher. For serious gamers a speed ranging between 3.6GHz to 4.4GHz is an excellent speed.


3. RAM (Random-Access Memory) What's RAM in computers?

It stands for Random-Access Memory and is not to be confused with the hard drive as it basically helps the running apps/programs to run the tasks necessary by acting as a temporary storage. When the power is off the data are lost. RAM simply allows your programs to store bites of data temporarily as necessary to operate the program you run currently. More RAM allows more programs to run at the same time meaning your gaming pc will become faster and the gaming experience will be very smooth without any "crushes" or loading delays. How much memory do I need? RAM is coming in sets of stick you place on the motherboard. Two sticks of 8GB (total 16GB of RAM) are exactly what you need in order to run the vast majority of games (if not all of them) out there.


4. Solid State Drive - SSD What is an Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)?

It is a hard drive. An alternative to the traditional hard drive using a disk and a cable to connect to the main CPU. The added benefit of the Solid State Drive is Speed! Because it needs no cable or warm-up the loading speed of your applications and games on your PC is much faster and in combination with the two parts above (CPU & RAM) can work miracles on your gaming experience. An Internal Solid State Drive - SSD is a must for a smooth gaming experience. How many Gigabytes of storage I should get? The minimum should be 500GB as most modern PC Games and heavy weight software which requires plenty of space to download and install. It also depends on the number of games you wish to download. A 1TB (1000GB) is advisable for hardcore gamers.


5. Mid Tower Computer Case

You should not underestimate the value of a good Computer Case. This is basically the box which contains the rest of the PC Parts. A good computer casing usually comes with at least two fans, a glass cover at the front and lots of air holes to recycle the air and cool down the CPU Processor. Make sure that the fans which usually come with the computer case are quiet enough and have prebuilt software to control their settings such as speed and synchronization fr creating sound effects such as a breeze sound effect. When selecting your pc case make sure that there is an easy access to the motherboard and the other parts such as the graphics card and the fans because you will need to periodically open and clean them up in order to achieve the optimum gaming performance and improve your PC's health.


6. Gaming Motherboard (With or Without WIFI)

The motherboard must be selected carefully. The reason is because of the compatibility with the rest of the pc parts and especially with the processor. There are lots of different types but what you should be looking for is one that has the features which support the chipset, the SSD and your RAM. Make sure that it has features like USB ports, video and audio ports as well as network connectors. Some modern gaming motherboards come with all these features included plus an on-board Wi-fi. Also, check the size of the motherboard to fit inside your selected computer case.


7. Graphics Card (GPU)

The Graphics Card or Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is probably the second most important and expensive part of your gaming pc. The quality of the graphics card will determine the quality of your game graphics and will cause you to like or dislike certain games. You must be wise on your selection and be willing to spend a bit more than planned as this pc part determines the end result: your gaming experience. Generally speaking the cost of your Graphics Card (GPU) should be around 50% to 60% of the overall value of your gaming pc. Yes it is that important! Note: always connect your HDMI cable from your screen directly to the Graphic card's port. Never use the motherboard's port as you want your graphics to come directly from the GPU.


8. PC Power Supply or Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Ok, at this point you have already selected all your favourite pc parts for your gaming pc and now you are at the point where you need to select you power supply. All of the above are of no value at all unless your power supply can continuously supply them with uninterrupted electric energy. Make sure that you check the minimum requirements of your Graphics Card and Motherboard before you make your final decision. The technical requirements of the PC Parts above will guide you to selecting the most appropriate power supply. Usually 650W (watts) power supply is good enough to power your gaming pc but make sure that you are not going for the higher end power supplies which might end up being an overkill as they are more expensive and consume more power. Important note is that the you make sure that the power supply comes with a "Quiet fan technology" as the last thing you want is to hear the noise of an overheated fan while playing. Last but not least is the efficiency of your power supply, in other words if your power supply delivers 600W and draws 650W from the grid it means that the 50W become heat while the rest is being used by your gaming PC. An average but good enough rating for most gaming pc units is 80 PLUS Bronze.


9. Gaming peripherals

The gaming peripherals are equally important to the main gaming pc as they input the data into your newly built rig. Don't try to save money by cutting back on them as this could effect your gameplay experience. A good gaming mouse with a high and adjustable DPI speed is always recommended. It can enhance your gaming experience massively by providing you with an amazing gaming experience experience. The same applies in the case of selecting a screen which can display the gaming details supported by you graphics card thus making the most out of it. Cables never underestimate the power of cables in your gameplay! Go for high-end and high speed HDMI cables and make use of the latest USB 3 ports using the relevant USB cables for improving the speed of the transmission of your data between your peripherals and your main PC unit.

- Gaming mouse

- Gaming Keyboard

- 4K Wide Screen

- Headphones

- High Speed Cables (HDMI and USB)



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