midjourney AI tool for newbies

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For those who still haven't heard, there is a new AI tool on the market called midjourney.com, and it's free! Well, almost.. free, as it will be explained shortly. If you always had an idea for a beautiful image in your head but your artistic skills are not up to the right standards, then welcome to the world of midjourney.com, the website that can create images from text!

To use midjourney.com and create beautiful images, follow these steps:

  • Visit midjourney.com and click "Join the Beta." This will take you to Discord.Please note that you must have an account with Discord first.

  • Once you have setup your account with Discord, you will need to join the Midjourney Bot as depicted below.

  • You will receive an invite that you need to accept, and then you simply need to join a newbie's channel.
  • For the images to be generated, you will need to use the main command: /imagine

This prompt, followed by whatever description in text format you provide it with, will prompt AI to generate images from the text input. The results are simply amazing. Try it now and note that you are only allowed up to 25 free images in total; after that, you will have to select a payment package. Explore AI and release the hidden artist inside you.

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