Century: Age of Ashes

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Genre Shooter Fantasy
Publisher Playwing LTD
Release 2021-12-02
Platform Windows

Century: Age of Ashes is a multiplayer action game developed by Playwing Ltd. Set in a medieval fantasy world, the game lets players control powerful dragons in intense aerial combat. Players choose from three different classes of dragons: the agile and fast Windguard, the balanced and versatile Steelshell, and the heavy and destructive Fireborn. Each class has unique abilities and playstyles, allowing players to find the dragon that best suits their style. The game features multiple modes, including Free for All, Survival, and Carnage. In Free for All, players fight to be the last dragon standing. In Survival, players must work together to defeat waves of enemy dragons. Carnage is a team-based mode where players must work together to capture and hold objectives. Century: Age of Ashes has a strong emphasis on customization. Players can unlock and upgrade new dragons, as well as customize their dragons with a wide variety of skins and cosmetic items. In addition to the dragon customization, players can also customize their pilots with unique outfits and gear. The game features beautiful graphics and immersive sound design that help to bring the world of Century: Age of Ashes to life. With its fast-paced and intense gameplay, Century: Age of Ashes is sure to be a hit with fans of aerial combat games.

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows 10,11 (64-bit)
Graphics NVIDIA GTX 760 or AMD RX 560
Processor Intel Core i5 2.6Ghz or AMD FX-8350
Memory 6 GB
Storage 10 GB
Platform Windows


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