Dungeons and Dragons Online

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Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release 2006-02-28
Platform Windows

Dungeons and Dragons Online, also known as DDO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Standing Stone Games. The game is based on the classic tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons, and takes place in the fictional world of Eberron. Players can create a character from one of several available races and classes, and progress through the game by completing quests, battling monsters, and exploring dungeons. As players progress, they can acquire new gear, abilities, and spells to customize their characters. One of the defining features of DDO is its flexible combat system, which allows players to customize their fighting style and strategy. Players can choose to fight with melee weapons, ranged weapons, spells, or a combination of all three. The game also features a unique dungeon master system, where one player takes on the role of a dungeon master and creates custom dungeons for other players to explore. This allows for endless possibilities and makes each dungeon unique. DDO also has a crafting system, where players can gather resources and craft items to sell or use for themselves. In addition, there are various raids and epic quests for players to complete, which provide valuable rewards and experience points. Dungeons and Dragons Online offers a rich and immersive experience for players who enjoy MMORPGs with a strong emphasis on customization, dungeon crawling, and cooperative play.

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows® System XP SP2
Graphics P4 1.6 GHz / AMD with SSE
Memory 1 GB
Storage 11 GB
Platform Windows

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