Eve Online

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Publisher Simon and Schuster Interactive
Release 2003-05-06
Platform Windows

Eve Online is a space-based massively multiplayer game which has gained in a short time the admiration of hundreds of thousands of players across the world. In this space MMO game, you have lots of choices to make and can start a brand new life. You can explore a massive universe with lots of spaceships at your disposal. As a Capsuleer, an immortal pilot of starships, you embark in a new world of discovery, empire building, and combat. The solar systems await you. Renowned for its scale and interactions is set to win you over.

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows 7
Graphics AMD Radeon 2600 XT or NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS
Processor Intel Dual Core @ 2.0 GHz, AMD Dual Core @ 2.0 GHz)
Memory 2 GB
Storage 20 GB
Platform Windows

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