Jected - Rivals

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Genre Sports
Publisher THQ Nordic
Release 2023-05-04
Platform Windows

Jected-Rivals is an unrestricted game that blends high-risk activities, demolishable automobiles, and velocity in matches involving 18 participants. In order to endure within this realm, gamers must master a distinctive propulsion system enabling them to propel themselves out of their vehicles and into the heavens. The art lies in optimizing this mechanism and outperforming others. Gamers possess an array of diverse vehicles to select from, seeking the one that perfectly suits their individual style of play. The options encompass luxurious sports cars, robust SUVs, and more, with each one customizable to match the player's preferences. The flight-wing mechanism grants players the freedom to liberate themselves from the constraints of their vehicle and effortlessly navigate over or around obstacles. It can even be combined with an assortment of tools such as a grappling hook.

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows 10 (64-Bit)
Graphics NVidia GTX 1060
Processor Quad Core 4 GHZ
Memory 8 GB
Storage 8 GB
Platform Windows


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