Nords: Heroes of the North

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Genre Strategy
Publisher Plarium Games
Release 2013-08-01
Platform Browser based

As a vassal of King Bjorn, you run a stronghold in Nords, keeping orcs, elves, norsemen, and dragons under control while defending it against the undead armies of the evil ice queen. To maintain control over your soldiers and prepare them for battle against the ice queen and your rival Nord lords, you'll need to combine tactics and diplomacy. To keep your people content and productive, as Lord Marshall of your own castle, you'll need to control three crucial resources: fish, fire ale, and mushrooms. Make alliances with other Lord Marshalls to combine your forces against a common enemy and sign Blood Pacts with the various tribes of humanoids to obtain their skills and guarantee their loyalty. A free to play browser-based 2D strategy MMO game with Elves, Orcs, Dragons and more.

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Minimum System Requirements

Since it is a browser-based game, it should work well on almost any PC with an up-to-date web browser.

You might still be able to play if you have outdated hardware or software, but your gaming experience might suffer. We advise using the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge for the best gaming experience.


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