PlanetSide 2

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Genre Shooter
Publisher Daybreak Games
Release 2012-11-21
Platform Windows

PlanetSide 2 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter developed by Daybreak Game Company. The game is set in a science fiction universe where players battle for control of different territories across a massive open world. Players choose from one of three factions and assume the role of a soldier, each with their own unique abilities and weapons. The game offers a variety of different classes, such as Engineer, Medic, and Heavy Assault, each with their own roles and equipment. The gameplay in PlanetSide 2 is focused on large-scale battles between factions. Players can engage in battles on foot, in vehicles, or in aircraft, with a variety of different weapons and equipment to choose from. Battles can involve hundreds of players, making for an intense and immersive experience. One of the unique features of PlanetSide 2 is its persistent world. The game features a massive open world with multiple continents, each with their own territories to conquer. Players can participate in battles to capture or defend territories, with the outcome of each battle affecting the overall control of the continent. The game also features a progression system, where players earn experience points and certifications to unlock new weapons, equipment, and abilities. This allows players to customize their soldier to suit their playstyle. PlanetSide 2 is a massive and immersive shooter game that offers a unique experience for fans of science fiction and large-scale battles. With its persistent world, variety of classes, and intense gameplay, the game is a great choice for anyone looking for an immersive and engaging shooter experience.

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Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows 7 64-bit
Graphics nVidia GeForce GTX 260 or better / Radeon HD 4850
Processor Core i5-760 or better / AMD Phenom II X4 or better [Quad-core CPU]
Memory 6 GB
Storage 20 GB
Platform Windows


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