Ravendawn Online

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Publisher Tavernlight Games
Release 2024-01-16
Platform Windows

Ravendawn Online, featuring an internally produced computer game by Tavernlight Games, allows you to explore a panoramic universe filled with the wonders. This MMOTPS game design emphasizes on the player freedom and character customization settings, which gives those who want something different from other MMORPGs a unique experience. A dawn to the ravened world introduces you to a large and open universe that is full of possibilities, and you use your own judgment to sail through. Unlike traditional MMOs with limited storylines, the setting of Ravendawn free the player from being bound to the detection of puzzling twists, secret passages or random exploration path. Abundant forests, snowy highlands, and pristine beaches are just selected few places we long for as the days go on. Forget predefined classes! A fresh and interesting way that Ravendawn employs to portray the characters’ progress is one of the major key to this unfolding story. The Archetype can have a wide range of abilities out of three different Ability Categories – Warrior, Mage, Ranger – at the same time, and you can adjust your class to your own playstyle. This level of customization, the player is capable of becoming a towering Dreadknight who brandings both chill, and a sneaking Shadowstriker, and a decent Arcanist who employs native magic. Ravendawn isn’t just about combat, it is also about exploring the world and forging bonds with other players. They brag of the multifunctional craftsmanship system which offers players an opportunity to gather resources, fashion weapons, and create your place. The only limit here is your talent and imagination as you can make it a humble log cabin in the woods or a magnificent stone villa by the seashore – the world is your canvas. The victory button in Ravendawn is like a double-edged sword. Besides the fact that it is a sure route to defeat series of adversaries, this bonus experience comes with new-era concepts. Every tactical choice and stressful situation is helping your character to grow in a more interesting and complex manner. Whatever you happen to be making - be it potion, managing your farm or taking part in PvP battles - you'll be deserved for the work that you put in. Ravendawn focuses on the lone player journey. Yet, this experience completely differs from the one-off user interaction since it's packed with multiplayer elements. You can partner with friends to survive tougher dungeons, or join a guild for realm management, or even trade resources and have a social life. In a game, the outcome is determined by the actions and cooperation of players. An open world is also an important feature in the game that encourage collaboration and competition. Ravendawn recollects the past on classic cross-world roleplay games by having the top-down view and player experience as a core feature. If you are the one who appreciates however lacking in setting and character customization that previous MMOs may be, Ravendawn might be just what you are looking for to regain that sensation. Being of "play for free" format, some of the players have voiced their property about the possibility of a very obstructive monetization system within the game. Altogether, Raven Dawn Online creates an imaginative arena where player and role-players get to explore a vast territory unhampered as they advance and enjoy every moment. If you are the one who wants to live freely, to move your head through the limitlessness and to experience endless opportunities in a colorful and exciting world, Ravendawn is on the right place for you.

free planet allainace

Minimum System Requirements
OS OS x64 (Windows)
Graphics Basic Graphics
Processor Any
Memory 4 GB
Storage Basic storage
Platform Windows


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