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Publisher Freejam
Release 2014-07-08
Platform Windows

In the free-to-play action game Robocraft, you may create crazy, completely customizable flying, hovering, and walking robot fighting vehicles. Get in the pilot's seat and drive your amazing robot battle vehicle. It's not just about cars! Drive tanks, helicopters, drones, and even flying warships! As you take your battlecraft into war against other players online, add futuristic weapons and fight against other players in the vast battlefields of Robocraft. A free-to-play MMO sandbox building game!

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Graphics Shader Model 3.0 Compatible GPU, DirectX 9.0c
Processor Intel dual core or AMD Processor
Memory 4 GB
Storage 1 GB
Platform Windows


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