S4 league

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Genre Shooter Fighting
Publisher Aeria Games
Release 2008-09-22
Platform Windows

In S4 League, you engage in frantic, adrenaline-pumping gameplay while competing against other players in a PVP environment. Depending on the gameplay style you desire to employ, you will beat your enemies with your preferred weapon and sword combo. S4 League has a distinctive rental system and includes more than 40 weapons. An item can be rented for a predetermined period of time, not including the time you spend logged out of the game. Additionally, your character can always wear one of three different items: a primary and secondary firearm of the gun type and a sword. There are other options, including Touchdown, Chaser, and time-tested games like Deathmatch and Battle Royal. S4 League's animation and general aesthetic have an anime feel to them.  A free to play MMO Shooter with fluid gameplay and acrobatic moves!

Minimum System Requirements
OS XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Graphics GeForce 4 MX series
Processor 512 MB for XP or 1 GB for Vista / 7 / 8
Storage 3 GB
Platform Windows

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