The Ultimatest Battle

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Genre Fighting
Publisher Ediogames
Release 2017-09-12
Platform Windows

In Ultimatest Battle, players control the "Nubs". There are numerous classes of Nubs, each with unique characteristics. With the use of in-game assets, they can be customised in terms of both appearance and gameplay. Nubs are well-armed, and depending on their class, they can employ a range of weapons. Six classes are available, such as Soldier, Viking, and even Miner. There are numerous game types, including ControlPoint, SaveThePrincess, Versus Boss, and zero-gravity Moon combat.  A free-to-play 2D platform game that pits two teams of players against each other in a variety of modes.

Minimum System Requirements
OS Window 7
Graphics Intel HD 4000
Processor Intel core duo
Memory 1 GB
Storage 300 MB
Platform Windows


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