TrackMania Nations Forever

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Genre Racing
Publisher Ubisoft
Release 2008-04-16
Platform Windows

TrackMania Nations Forever is a free racing pc game which allows you to drive high speed cars in solo and multiplayer mode games. Build your own car in your garage and customize it so that it suits your driving style. Select the color and even the horn sound to distinguish yourself on the racing track and go for the gold medal in exotic map locations across the world. With a huge selection of 65 racetracks, join millions of online players who compete against each other on these virtual race tracks. You like it solo but don't like the tracks available? No problem! Go to the track editor and build your own tracks. Maybe the best part of TrackMania Nations Forever is the advanced interactivity between the players - nothing better than sharing and chatting with your opponents on the tarmac. So pilot, what are you waiting for? Hit the gas now! An amazing racing game by Ubisoft/Nadeo. The pilot's seat is yours.

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows 2000/XP/XP-x64/Vista
Graphics 3D accelerator 16 MB DirectX 9.0c
Processor Pentium IV 1.6GHz / AthlonXP 1600
Memory 256 MB (512 MB with Vista)
Storage 750 MB
Platform Windows


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