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Publisher Trion Worlds
Release 2015-07-09
Platform Windows

You start the game in a central area called The Hub. The Hub also has a number of crafting stations and an non player character (NPC) that sells supplies for sailing, a semi-profession in the game, and fishing. Players have access to Portals in this section, which serve as entry points to various in-game worlds, each of which is designed for a certain degree of growth. In order to proceed from easier to harder worlds as the player levels up, each portal has a minimum Power Rank requirement that increases with each portal. A free to play Sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game!

Minimum System Requirements
OS Vista 32-bit Service Pack 2
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000
Processor Intel Core i5-2XXX @ 2.0GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 @ 2.6GHz
Memory 1 GB
Storage 1 GB
Platform Windows


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