Will To Live

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Publisher AlphaSoft LLC
Release 2018-04-05
Platform Windows

Will to Live is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG developed by AlphaSoft LLC. The game takes place in a world where most of humanity has been wiped out by a mysterious virus that has turned people into mutants. The remaining survivors have to band together to fight off the mutant hordes, scavenge for resources, and uncover the secrets of what caused the outbreak. Players can create their own character, choosing from a range of classes and customizing their appearance. As they progress through the game, they can gain experience and level up their skills, unlocking new abilities and weapons. The game also features a crafting system, allowing players to create their own equipment and weapons from scavenged materials. The game takes place in an open world, where players can explore the ruins of cities, abandoned factories, and other locations. They can also team up with other players to take on challenging missions and fight off powerful bosses. In addition to the PvE gameplay, Will to Live also features PvP combat. Players can battle against each other in designated zones, earning rewards for successful kills. The game also includes a faction system, where players can choose to align themselves with different groups and earn reputation points by completing tasks and quests for them. Will to Live offers an immersive and challenging post-apocalyptic world, where players must fight for survival against a range of deadly enemies.

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Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows 7
Graphics GeForce GTX 1050 Ti / AMD R9 280
Processor Intel Core i3 3100 MHz
Memory 12 GB
Storage 45 GB
Platform Windows


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