Zombie Gunship Survival

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Genre Shooter
Publisher Flaregames
Release 2021-09-22
Platform Windows

Zombie Gunship Survival is a shooting game where you, the airman of an AC-130, are tasked to shoot and kill zombies from the air! Yes, you have to man the canon of the AC-130 and protect the ground troops from the walking dead. In your job of providing air support, you will have to collect gold and rewards in order to upgrade your base and weapons, while choosing and deploying the right troops to fight determines the outcome of the mission. Careful, the undead can be sneaky, so make sure that you barricade and defend your base at all times. Zombie Gunship Survival is a post-apocalyptic shooting game developed by Flaregames.

Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows 10
Graphics GeForce GTX 560/Radeon RX 550
Processor Intel Core i5-6400 / AMD FX-8320
Memory 4 GB
Storage 4 GB
Platform Windows


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